About Cubby Bear

CUBBY BEAR, with its name of course inspired by our very own Chicago Cubs, is a great sports bar that also has live music that is definitely worthy of a mention here. The bands they hire always know how to really entertain, so when the game is over, the music can kick in and get you back into party mode whether the Cubs won or lost! The service is fantastic here, reminiscent of the good old days when bartenders and servers really cared about the customers! They're open until 3:00 AM on Saturday, and truly this is the most reliable bar for a great time every time you go. Fun for groups of guys who want to watch the game and also cool for girls night out. If you've got a date who loves sports as much as you do, make sure to include this bar on your list of places to go! Highly recommended.

Cubby Bear
1059 West Addison Street
Chicago, IL 60613-4304
(773) 327-1662